Hello Elixir World (Introductions thread)



Hello Elixir World from Canada.

I’m a backend developer, mainly working in PHP.

Did some Erlang in school about 10 years ago and have always been curious about looking at it again. Recently been getting up to date on Erlang and Elixir.

Very excited for what it holds for the future.

I prefer to learn by doing and building projects which I am trying to do now :slight_smile:


Hello World, I’m Almog from Australia Sydney


Hello world, I’m Allen from Boston Massachusetts.


Hiya people! I’m Bruce from Atlanta, Georgia, USA!


Hello World!!

My name is Estevam from Brazil.


World |> Hello
I am learning Elixir and Rust. I like Rust but find it a bit too low level for web development. I hope that I can fix this by combining the two languages.

I have gone through the Phoenix handbook and as a next step I want to write a simple app.


Hello Ousmane from Dakar / Senegal.
Frontend Developer beginner to Elixir and Loving it.


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Hello World,

I’m an experienced .NET freelancer, based in Cornwall, UK. I’ve lost some of my passion for .NET, but think I may have found it again in Elixir! I’m a functional programming noob and enjoying the paradigm shift. I plan to stick with Elixir, but might take a look at F# once I’ve found my feet.

The community seems friendly - it’s nice to meet you all.


Hi Neil Thompson, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:


Hello, Elixir world.

My name is Minhao Chow, a Chinese programmer.


Hi everyone,

I’m Erik, from California (SF, LA) and spending most of my time between Korea and Japan.



For some reason I thought I really had posted a presentation already here, but apparently not, so… :wink:

My name is Johan Wärlander, and I’m from Sweden.

I’ve been involved with Elixir since sometime just after the 1.0 release; before that, I started out with Erlang sometime in 2010 or so, mostly due to discovering that Wings 3D was written in it, and then curiosity got the better of me as usual… :wink:

It’s been a fascinating journey so far, with OTP and the BEAM showing me ways to do things that are very different from what I was used to before that. Elixir, and the great community surrounding it, has further expanded on that passion.

Looking forward to see how far we can take it!


Hello, World.

I’ve been writing Clojure since version 1.2 and have recently found Elixir to be my new love.


Hi I’m Anh, I’m from Vietnam.
I mostly work with Javascript. I’ve learned Scala (for it powerful typeclass and in pratical using), Rust in my free time. Now, I’m learning Elixir and its paradigm (Let it crash - derived) from Erlang.


Hi Peoples,

I’m Steve, currently in San Diego, California.

I’m very interested in Elixir and what it may have to offer.

So far, I’ve only been reading anything I can find on Google and watching lots of videos. I’m eager to start coding and learning Elixir properly but, as usual, trying to think up an idea for an application is my biggest stumbling block when I learn a new language.

Its been said that the Elixir community is incredibly welcoming so I look forward to working with all of you!



Hello world, my name is Shannon. I’m from Melbourne, Australia.

I was exposed to a couple of functional programming concepts while dabbling in Javascript. I’d like to learn more so have jumped in and started learning Elixir! I’d also like to be able to build web apps.


Hello Elixir World, Pyae Phyo Hlaing from Myanmar ( Burma ) !! Elixir Starter and love elixir. Currently reading Learn Functional Programming with Elixir.


Howdy, everyone! မင်္ဂလာပါ။

My bad for the belated intro, I didn’t know this thread existed. This is Saw Thinkar, a junior dev greeting from Yangon, Myanmar.

Two years ago, I was first introduced to functional programming in Assembly Language class where my professor instructed us to write simple programs in x86 assembly, C, and Standard ML, and lab reports were to be written in Tex. Then again in Discrete Structure class, by the same professor, we had to write proofs in Standard ML.

At that time, my classmates and I felt pretty overwhelmed since there were so many things we had to absorb in short time, and I didn’t know how it would be useful.

Six months ago, I met a friend who is also the founder of my current work, introduced me to Elixir. He was like Elixir is a functional programming language, and I was like the only functional programming I knew is SML. I also got in touch with my professor via LinkedIn and I am glad I could tell him how his classes were big deals.

Here are links to my lab repos in case if you find interesting: CS118-AssemblyLanguage, CS113-DiscreteStructure Note: Those reports are not polished, and were in rush for submission.