Hello Elixir World (Introductions thread)

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Hello All,
I’m Alaister from Melbourne, Slow Internet Land (aka Australia).

Still quite new to Elixir - Loving it so far!


Hey everyone! I’m Jason from Seattle, Washington. Learned Python, then JS, and now I’m trying to wrap my brain around Elixir because one of my friends told me it was the new “cool” thing…and I’m enjoying it so far.


Hello I’m devux rails developer.


Hey I am Andrés, I study CS and I created the Spanish Elixir group on Facebook, willing to learn Elixir and use Phoenix in the near future.


Hi y’all! I hail from Minneapolis, MN where I’m currently working on embedded Linux devices (like network routers).


Hey guys! I’m Bruno, from Brazil. I’m currently working with payment solutions.


Hello, Alchemists.
I’m Allan, from Brazil, and I’m trying to learn Elixir sip by sip, haha.


Hello Elixir people,

I’m Bassam Ismail from India. I’m diving into Elixir and Phoenix part time and full time soon.


I’m a developer from the east coast and am learning about Elixir so I can develop some apps with it. :smile:


Hi all,

I am a developer since the 80s with lots of projects in enterprises, mainly OO languages.
Came to Erlang, Elixir and the functional paradigm a few years ago.

Born in Austria, I am living in Vienna, but lately I spend most of my time in Kenya trying to finish my book about Erlang andd Elixir. My next book about Elm is already waiting for me… :smile:


Hi, I’m Bartek, I work at Positionly writing ruby code. I fell in love with elixir and plan to write my engineering thesis and rewrite some of our internal apps in Elixir :slight_smile:


Hi folks.
I’m Mariusz and live in Poland. My current position is Scala Consultant, but in the night I play with Elixir. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Brasco and I’m from Florida. I work mainly with Ruby and am excited to be learning Elixir.


Hello world! I am Daniel Farrell and I live in Richmond, VA, USA. Ruby guy mostly, although do a lot of Python/JS these days at work. Been evangelizing Elixir to Rubyists for a couple years now in this region. I’ve also got ~4 of my devs learning it, so hopefully we’ll be doing it professionally soon as well.


Ohai! I am Benjamin Tan from Singapore! I wrote #book-the-little-elixir-and-otp-guidebook :smiley:


Hi folks! I’m Ria, from Philippines. I work mostly with Rails and Emberjs. I’m using Elixir for one of my side project and oh, it feels good. :smiley:


I didn’t introduce my self yet, I’m Fernando, i’m from Salta, Argentina and i’m learning elixir because a find really interesting.


I’ve been remiss in my hello. I’m Greg. I’m in the Dallas, Texas area and I’ve been interested in Elixir for almost 3 years. I got started while Programming Elixir was still in beta. I still work in the Ruby world, but have a few co-workers interested in Elixir too and we’re looking for a responsible way to introduce it to the company. I spoke at the very first ElixirConf on OTP and will be attending Empire City Elixir Conf this coming weekend!


(while mix release runs…)

Hey -

I am Martin Langhoff, veteran of many languages, network/web/OS projects, early ‘git’ developer, often roped into random projects. Lately one of those projects is Elixir based – as a result I am co-maintaining Elixir in Fedora.

Most of my work in Elixir is in the tooling around a large/complex application. So I am wrangling with the release and configuration tooling; the burning question in my mind is usually “why doesn’t X work with exrm/conform?”

Work mainly from Miami, FL; I’m either programming or… sailing.




I am a network admin by trade and a beginner to programming and elixir.