Hello Elixir World (Introductions thread)



Hello folks! I’m Mathijs from the Netherlands. Currently i’m a ruby on rails developer and willing to learn Elixir :slight_smile:


Primarily programmer but I teach some programming courses on occasion. College.


Hi! Found this topic a bit late :slight_smile:
My name is Nikita and I’m from Israel.
Started from developing in C#, currently developing mostly in Ruby, excited to learn Elixir!


Howdy. I’m Bill Raiford. I’ve come here via Delphi, C#, Xamarin, JavaScript, TypeScript. I’ve been using Elixir for a few months now and, having done a ton of async programming in the past (back in my Delphi days even!), I must say that the actor model is :dark_sunglasses: :fireworks: and I :heart: what Elixir has done on the BEAM!


Hello everyone!

I’m Przemek, from Poland. I’ve been working as a developer for about 7 years now. Started on the frontend with Flex/ActionScript. Then switched to backend - mostly Java, some PHP, Python and Ruby.

Acquired taste for dynamically-typed languages and functional programming while doing fullstack JavaScript (Angular + Node.js). Discovered Clojure and got inspired by Rich Hickey’s presentations to pursue power and simplicity.

Currently learning Elixir and enjoying every minute of it :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone!

David here, from Texas, US.
By day, I’m a mechanical engineer who designs subsea electrical connectors.
By night, I get my coding fix :slight_smile:

Enjoy developing in C, Ruby, Elixir, Python, and Swift.
Oh and mechanical keyboards are awesome.



Hello Elixir World. I’m Marc from the Philippines.

Stopped doing WordPress freelancing to build my own product. Discovered and fell in love with Elixir and Phoenix.


Hello! I am Marco from Italy, but living in Berlin.
Python coder by day, wannabe elixir coder by night :wink:
Sometimes I improve my alpha pet project https://github.com/kpanic/exalice (a pet geocoder – shameless plug :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hey all! I’m Jason from Vegas.

My day job revolves around JavaScript, React/Redux, Node, etc. I do some Python here and there. Developed in many languages over the years and I’m super excited about Elixir. So far I’m loving it.

The Elixir community seems pretty cool too, so that’s a plus!


Hello World! I’m maruli from Jakarta, Indonesia.
I’m a PHP and Rails developer by day and learn elixir and elm by night.


Hello! I’m Chris from Vancouver, Canada.

My day job involves some Ruby & Golang (pushing hard for Elixir adoption). Been actively using Elixir for most of my personal work for almost 2 years now and I’m loving it!

Hope to meet many of you at next year’s elixirconf


Hello, all.

I’m Geoffrey Clements and live a bit west of Boston MA. I wrote some Elixir in the pre-1.0 days but put it aside for a while. I’m just getting back into it again in large part because of Phoenix.


Hi All,
I’m Siraset from Bangkok, Thailand. I’m python guy that like taste of ruby and elixir, very happy and excited about elixir world. Doing some of fun stuff in elixir Now.


New to Elixir but not to functional programming (enough to say my first glimpse of FP was using Mathematica… 5.0.

Only two weeks of “spare-time-coding” (actually, following an eBook to “get it”) in Elixir and I’m starting to feel conflicted about sticking to my current flavor-of-the-month FPL.

A silent reader of this forum since the day I picked up Elixir, love the community, the helpfulness, the breadth and depth of discussions.
Looks like a superb place to “hit roots”. And if that means picking up Elixir full-time… well, I won’t be shedding any tears about it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nice to meet you all.
Now let me get back to concocting. :smile:


Hi guys,

I’m Sheharyar, a full stack Ruby and Node.js developer from Pakistan. I’ve been playing around with Elixir for the past 8+ months. I’ve written some scripts, done a few projects but nothing major since this is my first time with a ‘proper’ functional language and I’m still learning. :slight_smile:

I’ve also been preaching Elixir to everyone I know, even gave a small talk on why elixir is awesome at a local developer meetup a while back. You can check that out here. :blush:


Dave Aronson here, aka The Codosaurus, no relation to the IOS FTP tool that adopted the name of my blog (and now my business). Freelance, er excuse me I mean consulting, developer, mostly doing Ruby (especially Rails back-ends) for the past several years and mostly plain old C for decades before that (mixed with lots of other things), now learning Elixir because it seems useful, and to stretch my mind with FP concepts. Living in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, USA. See http://www.davearonson.com/ for more info…


Ah I never saw this thread.

I am a Stuart from England. My day is job is mainly C#/javascript. I am new Elixir and currently reading through various books with the aim to be developing useful apps/libs by the end of the year.


Konnichiwa from Japan. Originally from San Francisco, been in Japan for 2 decades. Originally a LAMP dev, then got out of the industry for a few years, now returning to it. Found Erlang and Elixir while looking to update my tech stack.


Im Kaarel from Estonia, Tartu. Currently working in a startup as a Rails/Ruby developer and trying to learn Elixir so that in some day maybe I could use it in mt work


I am Dev from Thailand.

On twitter I am @bliss_cs

Looking forward to know everyone.