Hello Elixir World (Introductions thread)




I am Mario from Germany. I learned Java at the university, made some Python projects and currently work with PHP and JavaScript for the company I work for. In my spare time I try to stay fit and learn Elixir.


I’m Marcelo from Fortaleza, Brazil.

There go 24 years working as a developer, from good old Clipper days and then Delphi, PHP, Java, Python, and Ruby, finally I found the one to be called the best: Elixir. Not for the language only, but the community is also the most awesome I’ve got to participate.

I currently work as Technical Lead in a Java team as my day job. Using Elixir in a side project for consuming a famous betting site socket based public data streaming API.


Hello ,

  • I`m Reidar from Norway. I have been programming c-c++ since 1997. c# from 2009 and Elixir since last month.
  • I am gradually taking the steps in to embracing web development to get my applications out to the “masses”.
  • I tested out javascript, nodejs, but to be honest I find the entire front end world to be a brutal bloated mess of framework and opinions.
    -Elixir - Phoenix is a pleasant departure from that norm.

I am truly happy to have found Elixir and the friendly community


Hello from Finland!

Seems I’m the first Finnish person to report in this thread. I’m Mikko Ahlroth, a 20-something web developer from Tampere. I’m a full time programmer and just finishing my master’s degree in distributed systems. At work I mostly currently use Python and Django on the backend and AngularJS on the frontend.

On my free time I work on Elixir projects usually, mostly web related. I’ve written a blog engine and a coding statistics website with the Phoenix Framework and am excited to work with it in the future too. Maybe I can over time hone my skills enough to get to use it at work as well.

Nice to meet everyone of you! You can also find me on #elixir-lang @ Freenode with the nickname Nicd-.


Arjun from India, just starting with Elixir.

Currently in the process of becoming a full stack web developer, and I’ll be dabbling with Elixir for now in my free time. Eventually, I’ll be able to focus more on it and do something serious!


I’m Kelvin from Brazil. I’m an rubyist that recently got addicted to Elixir, and already made the move to Elixir/Phoenix in a production app my company is developing.

Congratulations everyone involved in the community, this is being amazing!


I’m Hector, a freelance front-end developer from Manila, Philippines. Java -> Python -> JS -> Scheme -> JS -> Elixir.


Hey Guys, I’m Rainer a rails web developer from South Africa but currently living in Barcelona.
Played with a bit Erlang back in 2012 and have been waiting for something like Elixir and Phoenix to make web dev an option using erlang, so I’m really excited to get involved!


Hi, my name is Henricus and I currently reside in the best city in the world, Amsterdam.
Gem cutter by day, alchemist by night. Working for an investment company setting up IT infrastructures and building the next generation of e-commerce PaaS by night.


Hello world!

My name is Alzea.
I’m from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Currently working as WordPress developer at startup company
I’m also an Pythonian that recently got hooked to Elixir :wink:


Hi, Im Abdul Muhaimin from Malaysia.
Previously I was a Civil Engineer, but already quit my job. Boring job.

Im a newbie in programming. Started around 4 month ago in Ruby. It was a coding bootcamp which was held in my country. After finishing the bootcamp last month, I decided to started learning elixir.
I am hoping that elixir is more recognized in my region. And I will certainly contribute toward that direction


Hi, I’m Marcus from Dortmund, Germany.

I fell in love with functional programming when i learned Lisp. A long time ago. After that I have worked with Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, JS, C# and other languages to earn money.

After work I always search for the next language I could learn. So far I have take a look to Objective-C, Swift, Scala, Haskell and Clojure.

And now Elixir. And elixir will be better with every page I read about it.


Cool! I come from Amsterdam too. Half German half Surinamese :wink:


Hello World! I’m from Mexico, I just got hired by a company where i’m going to try to use and spread the word about elixir and phoenix!!


Welcome and good luck with your new job!


Hello everyone!
I come from Poland (Lublin/Rzeszów) and recently started to explore world of elixir (I am especially interested in phoenix framework). So I say Hello!



Hi, I’m …Paul. And I’m an alcoholic. Er wait, that was last night. Sex addict. No, that was last Tuesday… What are we addicted to here? :smile: Elixoholic, I guess… :wink:



Hello all!
I’m Apostolis and I’m from Greece :slight_smile: !
I have recently discovered Elixir … I have studied Math at University of Athens and I am falling in love with Elixir and functional programming :love_letter: !!!


Hello! I’m Tom from Poland and RoR :smile:


Hi all from Spain. My usual job is more related with systems than development but… programming is my private sin… :wink: