Hello Elixir World (Introductions thread)



Hello world! I am Matt from Chicago, software engineer, teacher and Elixir convert :slight_smile:




Hey everyone, I’m Ran from Israel :israel: Loves Elixir :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Nicola from Germany. I bought ‘programming phoenix’ and now I’m here to ask questions, if I have some.


Greets. I’m Trevor, in Seattle, WA, USA. Last year I made a point to learn Haskell and Elm. This year I intend to focus on Erlang and Elixir.

I’m frankly skeptical (as a Ruby programmer I find Elixir syntax falls to its death in the uncanny valley) but we use Erlang at work and Elixir somehow keeps growing in popularity, so I want to see what that’s all about.


Hi I’m Dee from Seattle area. New to programming and want to learn how to make smokin fast web apps.


Hi I’m Dan in Ohio, USA. I’m a software engineer turned web dev.


Hi, I’m Zhang from China.Now I’m working in Japan and using Clojure. I like Elixir and functional programming.


Hi all! I am a C# developer from the Netherlands. Nice to meet you all!


Hi there.

I do a PHP app for a living, though I’ve done programming in Rust as well, and have at various times done everything from Perl to C++.


Welcome @citizenE and @notriddle. Hope you find the Elixir Forum a nice place and come here often :grin:


Hi, I’m Piotr. I’m an art historian dealing with metadata, interested in ancient forgotten technologies like Topic Maps.


While diving into functional programming I found Elixir to be the sweet spot between t the concepts of FP and a growing, active and welcoming community.

Currently, I’m still rewiring my imperative mind. Lisp and Haskell are probably the next languages on my todo list.


Hi, I’m Fauzan from Indonesia. Really love elixir and functional programming, but just not get the opportunity yet. Still using rails (ouch) at the office, to solve problem that becoming heavy on concurrency (really? sorry to hear that).


Hi! I’m Kevin, from the Silicon Valley area of California, and I’ve been exploring web development frameworks.


Hi! I’m Alisina from Iran, I’ve known erlang for about a year and i’m using Elixir since three months ago. I mostly do back-end development for high load apps.


Hello folks!
I am Haider from Bangalore, India. I started my career at SAP India HQ, working with the columnar database and user experience groups over there. Post that I moved on to work exclusively with early stage startups.

I have professionally worked with Java(Spring, Android), Python(Django), JavaScript(Node, Ember, Angular, Vue, SAP UI5), Objective-C (iOS). However, my learnings had always been exploratory and none of the backend technologies took my fancy till Elixir came along.

I enjoy learning and playing with distributed systems and that has been one of the major reasons for my interest in Elixir/Erlang/OTP.

In my past life I was a Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing researcher and published some of my work in conferences like NIPS, CIKM and ACL.
I’m currently on a career break (since July 2016), trying to have fun learning Elixir and Phoenix.

That’s more than I intended to write but I wanted to reciprocate the authenticity of the community we are building here. :blush:

You may connect with me on these networks:



Hello alchemists,
I’m Edwin from Germany. I start to learn Elixir this month.


New Year. New language. Good choice. Warm welcome.


Hi -

my name is Kenji. I’m originally from Tokyo, Japan, and I am now in Osaka, Japan. I’ve been working on Erlang/OTP for 8 years, though relatively new to Elixir, for about 2 years. My interests of Elixir is mainly about how it works with the existing Web environment, such as Plug and Phoenix. I’m working as an independent software engineering consultant since 2014, and I’m learning new and not-so-new technologies every day. I hope Elixir and Phoenix will soon become a viable solution set for Web programming.

Also, if you have found issues on OTP rand module, feel free to drop me a message. I’m a co-author of the code for OTP 18.0 and later.

@jj1bdx (also on GitHub, Twitter)


Great intros before me set the bar really high … but!

I’m Maz, and I’m from Kuwait :kw:! (First mention for this country, heh) I was a nomad during 2016, working with Elixir and Unity on a game, but just got hired to work in Dubai as an iOS Engineer.

I’ve overheard one of my friends muttering elixir under his breath while he was tackling an MMO server project few years back, and I started writing Elixir beginning of 2016 for a game project as well.

I want to take an Elixir job TODAY, but unfortunately, I’ve been doing iOS for the past 6 years now, so I mostly have frontend experience, and very limited backend experience. Hopefully, after another 2-3 years of Elixir work, I’ll transition to Elixir!