How have you been learning Elixir & Phoenix? (2017 Edition!)


Ah thank goodness no I have not. ^.^;
Should be quite doable though.


I’m currently studying elixir and Phoenix, i’m going to use it for my final school thesis.
But it is hard to find updated tutorial or free books for phoenix 1.3 at the moment. Almost all resources i found is paid books or courses which is i can’t afford or too much. Haha…


Have a look at these @saint011 :023:

Then there’s the Elixir Guides and Phoenix Guides :003:

On the Erlang side, there’s:

That should keep you busy for a while :lol:


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Elixir Workshop at Lambda Conf 2017


Just open up and editor and code :p. The hardest part of transitioning from an object oriented language was writing code that mutates to code that transforms. But Programming Elixir was the book that turned the wheel :stuck_out_tongue:


Been designing and building as many apps that rely on a solid amount of OTP as possible. Running on otp app seemed pretty important and the language gets easier really fast naturally when programming a variety of things. Sure enough it took practice and iterations to get used to design with supervision trees but feels amazing when it all clicks


Do you think the Elixir in Action book is relevant enough at this time? Because I saw that Sasa is going over a rework of the book atm.


As mentionned by the author in a prevous post, the second edition is now available as MEAP.

Already 6 chapters done, 7 more to come…


Yep, as Koko has said the second edition is available now - even if it wasn’t I would still highly recommend it :003: check out my review of it here :slight_smile:


At this point I favour EiA slightly over Programming Elixir because EiA really conveys what The Zen of Erlang (i.e. the Zen of BEAM) is all about. Programming Elixir still has its place when a slightly gentler pace is more appropriate. YMMV.


Why learn Elixir? How do I get started? How do I learn Phoenix? What’s the Erlang VM?

This is what I’ve done to ramp up with Elixir in the past 2 weeks. I hope these resources help you too!


Official Docs + ElixirSchool and now Phoenix inside out by @shankardevy.