How should we discuss the ElixirConf 2018 videos?

Because the ElixirConf 2018 Youtube videos do not have comments enabled last year we decided that we’d host the discussion on the forum. We did this by creating one new forum thread for a video each day. However since there are multiple approaches we could take, we wanted to ask about how the current approach is working and get people’s feedback on how to handle the discussion going forward.

Here is the parent of the discussion threads from last year:

The benefits of this approach as I see it are:

  • Separate threads makes it easier to follow the discussion of individual talks
  • Posting the threads daily allows the community to focus feedback and discussion on that day’s video

How should we handle the ElixirConf 2018 video discussion threads?

  • Post a video thread daily (this is what we did last year)
  • Post all the threads at once and bump a single thread each day
  • Post all the threads at once and do not bump them
  • Something else (please comment with a suggestion)

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Please also comment with other related suggestions and feedback :grinning:


I think it makes the most sense to post each “subject” for itself in one thread, divided from the others, like you did last year :slight_smile:

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Yes this is what we have in mind for all the options. I would clarify the poll options but I cannot modify the poll anymore.

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I like options one and two:

  • Post a thread daily


  • Post all threads at once but bump one daily for discussion

The former might encourage more chat per talk, the latter might let those not wanting to wait, to be able to comment immediately. If anyone didn’t have any issue with how @axelson posted them last year then option one tips the balance for me :smiley: (it was great fun last year!)

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Go with the latter. Get all of the threads up.

Last time I tried to do the daily format, eventually I started forgetting and it kinda petered out.


I’ve just thought of something… we’ve got tags this year! That means you can watch the #elixirconf2018 tag and set it to alert you whenever new threads are posted with that tag :003:

Would that help?

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As I have only limited bandwith to view videos and follow discussions around them, I really prefer the last years format.

It focusses the discussion on a single video per day, perhaps staying alive for two additional days.

When posting all and bumping daily, there might be comments on the first days by those who attended the talk and have seen it life, having a lot of discussion over all threads on the first day. Causing a lot of churn, such that one might not be able to distinguish the featured post from those that are just discussed at, at least during the first week, and after that, everything about a video might already have been discussed.

Perhaps @AstonJ prepares a bot which then posts daily?

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Ok it looks like most want one per day, so please go ahead with that @axelson :023:

However, for those who would prefer not waiting, feel free to leave any comments about any of the talks in the parent thread - we will then move those comments to the individual talk thread when it gets posted (just please make it clear which talk your comment is about). Hopefully that will keep everyone happy :smiley:

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Sounds good! I will get the first thread posted later tonight after I get off my flight back from ElixirConf.

Aston and I were talking a bit and we decided that it would actually be nice to move forward with a somewhat hybrid approach and post 3 videos a day (like we did today with the keynotes). This will help us get through the list of videos sooner so people won’t have to wait as long if they are itching to discuss a particular video. I hope it will strike a nice balance :slight_smile:

Edit: for completeness here is a link to the parent thread of the video discussion threads: 0) ElixirConf US 2018 Talks List

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