Maintainer Wanted: ExAws

Hey folks!

The short version is: I’m looking for a maintainer to take over the operation and maintenance of the ExAws project. CargoSense hasn’t done anything particularly interesting with AWS services in a long time, and I personally lack the time maintain these projects at this point. I have been unable to keep up with developments within AWS’s auth system and this has lead to fragmented support of various features, and PRs I’m unable to meaningfully review. This isn’t the state I want these libraries to be in, but I simply am unable to do anything about it.

To be clear, I am not stepping away from open source. I have a sizable roadmap planned for Absinthe, and there are other, smaller, projects that I’m looking to refresh. However I am trying to focus my efforts, both for my own sanity as well as the health of the projects I’ve created.

The actual maintenance required is reasonably low, but it can also be very critical to people’s operations. My preference would be to find a maintainer who is part of a company utilizing AWS, but if you’re interested please feel free to send me a DM.


Do you have any recommendations for alternative libraries if no one ends up taking over yours?

I wonder how this will effect libraries like waffle, since they depend on ex_aws for file uploads to S3.

ExAws is, as far as I know, the only actively maintained (for some definition of active ;)) AWS library. Someone will pick it up, I’m sure of it :slight_smile:


Thanks for your work on creating and maintaining ExAws! I’ve used it in multiple projects and it’s great :heart:

I wonder if you’d be interested in creating a posting on:

(which happens to be written in Elixir using Phoenix #liveview)


I’m really pleased to see you reaching out to the community to ask for help. This is a huge project that a lot of companies rely on, I’m sure you’ll get somebody stepping up.

I’ll be linking this to a couple people.


Just to point out my disappointment with choice of mascot. Due to name I think that Opossum would be much better choice (in my language it is called just “opos”).