Phoenix frameworks is good choice for e-commerce web apps?

I am new in phoenix framework and I love it alots. I have a e commerce app like ebay, and I just use two framework such as django and phoenix. I love performance of phoenix, but I am not sure which framework is best for me, how is the performance of phoenix for e-commerce apps? any idea will be appreciated.


There are a couple of aspects to think about when building complex web apps I think.

Most people starting out seem pretty focussed on sort of efficiency/performance of the code that is running. I’ve never benchmarked it, but I’m guessing that Phoenix is pretty fast, with little jitter in its responsiveness in comparisons to other frameworks.

But as you get into it, an e-commerce site may have a lot of moving parts: payments, accounting, invoice generation, notifications, admin consoles, user registration, authorization, content management, … The list goes on.

That’s where your comfort, and that of your collaborators becomes pretty important. Do you want write all that stuff? If not, will it work together without jumping through too many hoops? Can you decompose your design so that multiple people can work on it together without stepping on each other’s toes?

Shipping a product quickly that can work well for your customers is probably more important than raw performance. You can always throw more RAM, CPUs and boxes at the problem if you’re getting successful.

Now Phoenix and the BEAM ecosystem has a better and better story around all these components and more, but it’s probably not comparable to other popular frameworks in terms of choices and experience of composing these component packages into real world applications.

So: a lot of words here to say “it depends”.

If you like Phoenix more than Django and are excited by building a bit more of the functionality you need in Elixir if you can’t find a great match in for your needs, then Phoenix might be your game.

Hope this helps a bit!


Thx for your comment, appreciate:)

It will probably faster and for sure will cope a lot more under load, due to the BEAM, that is well exemplified here by @sasajuric.

We already have several projects in Elixir fore ecommerce:

I don’t really know if any of them is being/continued to be used in production. I think Freshcom was being used in prod at some point or was about to launch. The author is here in the forum @rbao.

If you search the forum you have more questions like yours:

I know that some people have ecommerce apps in Elixir in prod and that they around the forum, but don’t recall who they are.


It is nice information, tnx so much :blush: