What Elixir related stuff are you doing?



I’m rewriting an existing php5 website into a more modular Elixir/Phoenix based version.


I am building payment client library, watching elixirconf videos.


I have made a totally sweet MQTT client in pure Elixir.


Working currently on health metrics for large codebases https://github.com/MalloZup/kubeojo


Still working on Pigeon SMS and working on a new IoT product with nerves!


Currently working to have a GraphQL with Absinthe of our REST API on Phoenix.


I’m using Elixir/Phoenix in production, slowly rewriting a big monolithic app into smaller microservices.

The plan is to gradually replace as much as we can from the original monolith with elixir powered microservices.

Freaking, loving it so far! Deployment will be interesting though :smiley:

As a side project, I’m working on a FBP development platform build on top of elixir.


I’m using Elixir as an amazing language to build high-available services with applications in Umbrella project. I have also few Nerves project with stats checked (cryptocurrency :slight_smile:)

Elixir, Phoenix, Nerves :heart::green_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart:


I have just ported my utility that copies data from contentful to neo4j into Elixir:

This is an introduction to the Node version (the Elixir version is younger and less polished):


Over the past couple of months, I have:


Just released https://ficdb.com/ aka Goodreads for fanfiction. Many thx for all the helping voices on this forum for helping me release my first Phoenix/Elixir project!


Wow, this thread has been going on for a while, and I can’t believe how much has changed for me since my first post over 2 years ago. Since then I’ve:

  • Completed one Elixir freelance contract
  • Started another part time Elixir (and Vue) contract that has been going for well over a year
  • Taken a full time position at Versus Systems
  • Attended my first ElixirConf
  • Become a collaborator on Timex

I hadn’t thought about it until now, but its been a very transformative two years for me professionally.


Today was mostly spent on refactoring the codebase of Planga (GitHub, Topic). The application-code is now already a lot more readable, compiler-warning and credo-warning free.
There’s still a little more refactoring to do, and then it’s time to create an initial testing harness, but I’m very happy with today’s progress :slight_smile:.


Building an app to search hotels scraped from websites written in Elixir, Phoenix, React. All help is welcome. You can follow it at @Github https://github.com/Nizey/hotel_search


Built a Slack bot in Elixir (using fsm and slack) to coordinate a game of hot potato between other Slack bots and human players to facilitate a company coding challenge.


Experimented with Erlang way back and loved it, never used it much in anger though. Just took advantage of a holiday to churn through the pragprog Programming Elixir and Functional Webdev books, and excited to do some proper projects! Especially interested in combining a clojurescript frontend with phoenix channels.


As a side project at work, I’m building something like a digital signage system to display business dashboards and other things on our TVs throughout our multiple offices.

This would be my first Elixir application, so prior to that I was reading Programming Phoenix >= 1.4, the Elixir guides, and watching a few of the ElixirConf 2018 videos!


Started a new job with Elixir helping people wrangle their credit card debt. I love my job because it’s literally helping people get out of drowning debt and live their life.

So far Elixir has helped us have great performance and Phoenix’s suggested Context architecture keeps our code nice and tidy despite us talking to our own DB, and three other internal microservices, and one external service; so far.

It’s challenging, but very fulfilling work. I’m just happy I can work with Elixir day in day out. :smiley:


I’ve been going through the Programming Phoenix book. I’ve gone through elixir in action and have been really interested in learning more about otp/elixir in the context of web development.


I recently built a simple budgeting app with phoenix for my household. This app was my first one to really use Ecto.Multi, and I found it very nice.

The front end is in angulardart, and the app uses channels to send live expense updates to clients! It’s a fun little project that we’re using to track spending a bit. I was planning on turning it into a PWA with offline capability etc. but it doesn’t seem to be actually needed yet, so I haven’t done it! I may not ever, because I’ve got other stuff to do too!