What Elixir related stuff are you doing?



Didn’t find a lot of time to work on this lately, but finally I have a first prototype. Have a look at it at https://breakbank.app :slight_smile:

It’s not feature-rich yet but let’s you create budgets for trips and gives you an idea how much your next trip will cost you. Would love to hear from you what you think about it.



Just a note: there is no privacy policy on the site that I could find. This prevents at least me from making an account. Don’t want to discourage you, but it is important when you start collecting the data of other users. :slight_smile:


Oh yes, that’s actually true and I can totally understand that you don’t want to make an account (anyway, I don’t really care about collecting user data). Privacy policy is coming at some point in the future and didn’t seem that necessary to me for a hobby project at this time. :slight_smile:


I am mentoring Elixir on exercism.io. Now at 1147 solutions mentored.


Currently traveling by train towards the Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam (and doing some development on Planga’s moderation system during the trip). Very much looking forward to meeting many fellow developers and friends/acquaintances from the community there! :slight_smile:


Working on https://aether-wars.com/ ! You can try it by going to the tutorial to check it (it’s still heavily under development, including the game logic and even rules) but I just finished the major refactoring.


I started working through an interesting textbook, Handbook of Neuroevolution through Erlang, typing in all the code examples in Elixir/OTP instead of low level Erlang. It’ll be quite the project :slight_smile: