What Elixir related stuff are you doing?



Didn’t find a lot of time to work on this lately, but finally I have a first prototype. Have a look at it at https://breakbank.app :slight_smile:

It’s not feature-rich yet but let’s you create budgets for trips and gives you an idea how much your next trip will cost you. Would love to hear from you what you think about it.



Just a note: there is no privacy policy on the site that I could find. This prevents at least me from making an account. Don’t want to discourage you, but it is important when you start collecting the data of other users. :slight_smile:


Oh yes, that’s actually true and I can totally understand that you don’t want to make an account (anyway, I don’t really care about collecting user data). Privacy policy is coming at some point in the future and didn’t seem that necessary to me for a hobby project at this time. :slight_smile:


I am mentoring Elixir on exercism.io. Now at 1147 solutions mentored.


Currently traveling by train towards the Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam (and doing some development on Planga’s moderation system during the trip). Very much looking forward to meeting many fellow developers and friends/acquaintances from the community there! :slight_smile:


Working on https://aether-wars.com/ ! You can try it by going to the tutorial to check it (it’s still heavily under development, including the game logic and even rules) but I just finished the major refactoring.


I started working through an interesting textbook, Handbook of Neuroevolution through Erlang, typing in all the code examples in Elixir/OTP instead of low level Erlang. It’ll be quite the project :slight_smile:


Recently, I was playing with Python and Machine Learning, and was wondering what options are for basic Elixir and Python integration.

I’ve written about my experience, please feel free to take a look and share your thoughts!


My side projects have slowed a bit as I’ve been writing Elixir full time with an amazing team. Learning a ton each day is an amazing feeling. That being said my list of projects is below:

  • Baby monitor w/Nerves
  • Fix weather station
  • Publish channel functionality for live weather updates
  • Gitlab CI status light (hardware is done)


I got initially interested by a talk by Jose Valim at a RoR meetup in SF several years ago, but only in a back of the mind, look in occasionally sort of way.

I got excited by Chris McCord’s LiveView talk, so I’ve installed Elixir and Phoenix on computers at home and at work and learned a bit. I’d like to be semi-fluent by the time LiveView drops, so I can give it a try ASAP since it looks like a very good fit for the kind of projects I work on.


I am currently working during my free time on a open-source P&P RPG related chat which is written in Elixir phoenix for the back-end and React redux for the front-end.

Any help (being issues, pull requests or advices) is appreciated, since I’m still learning Elixir (and I **** love it)


Feel free to participate ! Any contribution is appreciated :slight_smile:


I’ve been spending most of my time lately on WaspVM, it’s a WebAssembly virtual machine that we’re building for the Elixium Network that’ll allow us to run untrusted code on the network and utilize concurrency as well (e.g. easy scaling of dApps) so that we don’t need to run the applications one by one each time the chain updates.

On the topic, Elixium is a decentralized application network that’s also built with Elixir – so if anyone here’s interested in blockchain and is looking for something open source to contribute to, take a look!


Making a little app that will process and collate lists of hostnames from third-party blacklists (ads, malware, etc.), and serve the result to a few Pi-hole installations. This will remove the not-insignificant burden of processing the lists from each Pi-hole installation, which is taking ten minutes on a Raspberry Pi with the given blacklist subscriptions. It will have a simple web UI to enable selection of blacklists and creating of whitelists.

We have a combined (not de-duped) total of about 20 million black-listed hostnames, so it’s a nice opportunity to try out streaming and processing in parallel. We’re streaming chunks of hostnames from the database with Ecto to Flow. It’s the first time I’ve used Flow, and it’s wonderful to be able to use all cores so easily.


So during my work with Windows, I’ve really come to despise the available tail loggers. I just find them very unreliable. Sometimes they would update, sometimes they wouldn’t. So I decided to write my own in elixir. I’ve included a few options such as clearing the screen (no need to stop tail logging, delete log file and start over), and a regular expression highlighter.


Oooh, I’ve dreamed of similar before, especially one that would track multiple files at once.


Currently the way I do multiple files I use ConEmu with multiple tabs and run tailtracker on each one. Specifically the split tab option so I can see them all at once.


I build a library which can make github markdown with nested markdown file all in one pdf file, if you need this, you can try: git2pdf


I’m building a pricing engine as a Web API with Elixir and Cowboy. The idea is to introduce Elixir to a large corporate environment


I’ve introduced a simple micro service stripped down Phoenix JSON API to our infrastructure, it’s basically CRUD with some validation. I’m trying to get it well integrated into our monitoring and figuring out tooling etc to demonstrate Elixir’s viability in future projects.


Working on an chat app using Phoenix channels