What mouse do you use?

After the keyboard thread has convinced me to purchase a UHK I wanted to make one about the mouse. Switching to a programmable keyboard has made a much bigger than anticipated change in my day to day use. Now that I am no longer relying on my laptop keyboard/trackpad I wanted to see if people think the mouse makes a big difference and which ones are popular.


Best mouse I’ve had is the Logitech MX Master

However, I try to use my trackpad to make it easier to switch between the desktop and laptop… and I quite like the gestures :003:


On everything but the MBP:


Offtopic: Anybody remember the Strategic Commander? :003:

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I use this mouse and i love it

This one, Logitech g300s

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I use Logitech MX MASTER 2S


At work its a Logitech mouse on the wire (its software identifies it as G502 Proteus Spectrum), at home its a cheap no name.

Both mice are set up to use ~10k DPI.

Due to this high resolution, I can not work with mice that have a high latency, and none of the wireless mice we had at the office had a latency low enough to be usable :wink: Despite beeing “gaming mice”. Maybe things got better in the last 3 years since I’ve choosen my mouse from the pool :wink:

My mouse at home has a latency which is a bit too high for me, but I was not yet able to replace it, and probably won’t be until my wife finds a job, or I get some as a present :wink:

I like trackpoint. And I choose laptops only with this feature.
I know it possible to use track point with UHK… you know what I mean :slight_smile:

After getting the UHK, I no longer use a mouse at all for normal use. The UHK has a good mouse layer that has completely replaced my mouse usage and I don’t have a mouse on my work desktop.

That said, for gaming I use a Corsair M65 Pro RGB (mainly because my wife liked how it looks) or a noname RGB mouse depending on which computer I’m on. When I just have my MBP, I use its trackpad.

In the future I am getting the UHK trackpoint module, but I’m unsure if I will use it, since I’m so used to the mouse layer now.

Razer gaming mouse (I have Abyssus v2 that seems to be no longer available, but they have many similar models):

I like it because it’s very precise and requires only small movements to move cursor from top left to bottom right corner of the screen. It’s high resolution so you don’t lose the precision either. Gaming mice are probably best thing ever you can get :slight_smile:

Another vote for the MX Master S2

Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2. It sits between the two halves of my ErgoDox EZ keyboard.


Wow I never thought of that! I use the same keyboard and pad but have always had it sitting off to the right. I’ve moved it to middle, I hope I can get used to it here its a lot less movement. Do you ever just stretch and use your thumb or do you still move your hand and use your index finger?

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I use a trackball:


I am very happy with my Rapoo wireless keyboard+mouse. I’d highly recommend these if you travel a lot, because they very easily fit in your bag.

@jeremyjh I tend to move my whole hand. I couldn’t actually reach it with my thumb anyway because the two hales of the keyboard are shoulder-width apart is there is a couple of inches between them and the trackpad.


I’m torn between sticking with just the mouse layer of the UHK or buying a Roccat Nyth. I love the configurable buttons on the Nyth, but it’s been years since I’ve played video games on a computer so it would be just for added productivity. But the UHK already offers so much and I did order a touchpad module for the UHK which further makes it unnecessary. I think if my wife starts using the keyboard instead of the built in laptop one I’ll get a new mouse because I know she won’t use the mouse layer on the keyboard, but otherwise I’m leaning towards saving my money.

I use a Logitech “MX Ergo Trackball”.

Of course. I still have one of them.

I have had this Microsoft Natural mouse for about 10 years that I only use at work: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA7XZ4AK0164

However, back in the day it only cost about $80:

I’m just waiting for it to die (can’t believe it hasn’t) but I would be interested in trying a vertical mouse.