When will Phoenix 1.3 get released?

I know you still working on it, and I red this post about how it will be backwards compatible. My concern is that I’m already with a structure of service objects, but I really liked your new structure. I’m just too anxious to wait, so the question is: how much will I need to wait? :grimacing:


When it’s ready! :slight_smile:

I promised by end of year during my ElixirConf keynote and I’m going to do everything I can to make that happen.


NICE! If you need any kind of help, since the end of year is pretty close, just let me know how I can get involved with it.


Is there a place to see what’s still to be done?


@chrismccord any chance we can have a 1.3-dev build? Or at least have an updated timeframe on when a dev build will be available?


In the meantime, I’ve just been creating experimental projects off of the latest and greatest work-in-process in the cm-wip-context and cm-phx-gen-next branches merged with the latest commits to master. There are usually minor issues to work through as it’s not 100% ready for prime time but it’s a good way to keep up.

I don’t think all of the new generators are finished yet for release of a 1.3-dev build but there is definitely some incredible progress going on there. I really feel the new generators will be a game-changer for people learning the framework and how to structure apps to be much more robust and maintainable over time.

Thanks Chris, José, and team! :heart: :heart: :heart: