Which operating system do you develop on (Poll)

What is your primary dev OS? And is there any software you’d like to recommend that could make development easier? (Apart from the code editor of course :lol:)

  • OS X
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Other
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I need 2 for this one, Windows at work and Linux at home… >.>


The same: work laptop with windows, desktop pc with linux.

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I use windows on my personal laptop but remote into Linux via ssh.


linux all the way


same windows at work and sometimes at home, Linux at home when i can.

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Always been on Windows - Thought about getting a MacBook Pro, however I want and use 64GB of RAM, so that’s a no go…

Of course deploy to Linux, so always running VMs via VirtualBox.

My Steam, Blizzard & Origin libraries are healthy so not being on Windows would kind of be annoying. GTX 980M works good enough for now.

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What do you need 64GB of ram for?

Oh I’d use it…

My Desktop has its max of 16 gigs (I need a new motherboard, I have very old hardware in general, ahh money…), and I have 16gigs of swap setup, and I routinely hit my max RAM+Swap of 32gigs just in my normal usage (not to mention how high it tries to get when compiling my C++). I would absolutely adore 64-gigs RAM… >.>


Same, i am on double boot. Interestingly, a lot of my steam games are now playable on linux, most of the one i play a lot being compatible. The drivers are not perfect, but i am hoping to have a Linux only laptop when i can buy one, and keep the desktop “monster” for the few windows.

I would also need a good linux skype client.

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Same. At work i have 8 gB and 16gB at home… it is low. When you begin to load Gigabytes of data set in python, run a couple compilation, documentation, video, diagrams, etc…

Yeah I’ve had few issues running my sizable Steam Windows games collection in Wine, so it works well, but I have almost 200 games on Steam that run on Linux natively. :slight_smile:

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I have 8GB RAM drive that has the temp folder on it.

I have my 8GB dev Ubuntu VM.

I use PrimoCache - Excellent Software Caching Solution to Accelerate Storage to speed up access to the 2TB Mechancial SATA disk. 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD - this is also where I run my VMs from and make sure to use clones when running labs for multi host deployments.

Chrome uses a lot of RAM :stuck_out_tongue:

I run 3 Android BigNox.com VMs nealry all the time with 3GB RAM each.

So yeah, total 3,3,3,8,8,8 = 32GB usually in use/reserved 80% of the time. leaves me with 32GB to fire up games without stopping anything. Or spin up a bunch of VMs with zero slowdowns. Right now ProcExp says System has 48GB committed, 35GB Physical.

My current VM lab is running Docker deployments over the Multiple Datacentre scenario. Using https://bsdrp.net/ for the routers to simulate failures and see how things respond.

i7-6820HK @ 3.7GHz 15" 4K Laptop


I wasn’t going to say VMs :lol:

(The only other thing I can think that would require so much ram is 3D or game dev.)

  • Try to setup all micro service / docker architecture (on JVM)
  • JVM (my IntelliJ IDEA‎ eats 4GB alone and assume I want to run some server + DB, chrome browser …)

I’m the opposite of you all apparently. Linux on my laptop (mostly used for work), Windows on my home desktop.

In home: Linux and Windows (Linux is generally for coding, Windows for gaming, but sometimes it’s good to code).
In work: Windows as a main OS, but it uses VM with docker’s image (linux) with elixir :slight_smile:

@arpunk what are you using in “other”?

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@ChaseGilliam I use FreeBSD for development and production. As for making development easier I use Emacs and alchemist.


Are any of you Windows guys using a Surface Pro 4? I’m really tempted to move from my Mac to the Surface Pro (primarily for the portability+performance), but it’s hard to imagine doing development without a Unix terminal.