Which OS do you develop on?


OS X El Capitan.


OS X El Capitan :slight_smile: and Windows 7 :disappointed_relieved:


OS X Mav here…


OS X - If you’ve tried working with a library such as comeonin on a non-unix based system, you’re in for some fun! (NOT!)


Ubuntu 14 on Cloud9


The most beautiful desktop fo linux os —> Deepin :joy:


How does that Cloud9 workspace works?


its fine. basically it is ubuntu in version 14.04LTS or something.
the editor has okayish highlighting for elixir, however it could be better.
had a few problems setting up postgresql in the correct version first,
but apart from that everything is working.
Imo good for developing on the go and showing a project still in development to someone.
I dont know if its worth to get a paid workspace there though


OS X El capitan


Updated to Fedora 24 a few weeks ago


Kubuntu 16.04 at home.
Windows 10 at work.


OS X El Capitan


Win 7 at Work / Bodhi Linux at Home.

Like the very spare feel of Bodhi.


El Capitan but may start running Linux again too. I used Slackware for years so may set that up again. Been away from Linux so long I’m not sure what the distro landscape looks like anymore.


OS: KDE neon

The latest and greatest of KDE community software packaged on a rock-solid base (Ubuntu).


Ubuntu with Xmonad


Arch Linux with i3


OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan


OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan for now. I am curious to see how the Nerves project will let me target an embedded system at some point…


Currently Arch (Antergos) with KDE Plasma5