Books on the design of web application architecture

What are the best books on design of web application architecture using functional programming?

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Not particularly functional, but I’ve found Designing Data-Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppmann to be very informative.


I just started with the book and I love it already! Looking forward to finish it!!!

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The book is best to read with examples and will end soon

Now I haven’t had a chance to check back since the last big rewrite but I think the book you are looking for is Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP, and Phoenix (Pragprog).

I don’t believe there’s any Ecto in this book. FYI.

That is correct. It focuses on using processes. I suspect that Phoenix In Action will be more Ecto oriented than even Programming Phoenix (1.1.6).

Building Conduit - Applying CQRS/ES to an Elixir and Phoenix web app goes the CQRS/ES route (see also: Building CQRS/ES web applications in Elixir using Phoenix).

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There is a youtube video from the author of Phoenix in Action, about ecto.

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Not a book, but I highly recommend PragDave’s course: Elixir for Programmers (PragDave) (Currently on offer for $30!)

I love his approach - particularly the replaceable component architecture and the way he shows how easy it is with Elixir :003:

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