How fast is your internet connection?

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I ran this while VNC’d home, so it definitely would hit it a bit, but as I’m moving shortly I figure this is a good chance to document it before I move, so…

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all US providers are not throttling connections to speedtest and the like, however most aggressively throttle connections in real world usage.


I finally got around to testing my connection at home:

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Price about 6$/month, Lithuania.


germany for 30€/month (without phone or tv)

germany for 40€/month

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Mines pretty good. It’s $70/month (for the internet specifically), but bundled with tv and phone.

And yes, I think internet speed does affect development. On DSL it took a very long time to download disk images. On this connection, I have the disk image in a few seconds.

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is that ATT Fiber 1000?

I just checked - yes it is “AT&T Internet 1000”

@ the office using wifi

Santiago, Chile, don’t know the price.

When it’s slow like today it certainly affects development.

@ home using wifi

~US$70 for internet + phone + cable

Yes, it was my understanding that is better for this reason (they can’t game the test without allowing all netflix traffic through at that speed?). It would be cool to see if there are any noticeable speed differences between speedtest and for those in the US.

incredible! to think I get 20/5 but pay $62 / month, in Buenos Aires… shows as 180.0mbits, which considering I was VNC’d home to do that and my wife was watching videos on her chromebook, seems decent since I pay for I think 200mbits (or was it 250?) for $70/mn after taxes and all. ^.^

Wish it could test upload.

For me, speedtest is showing 735Mbps and is showing 500Mbps

Indianapolis, USA - $104/mo unbundled.

Can’t wait to switch to new 1Gbps/250Mbps fiber service that was just installed in my neighborhood for $69/mo!

Barcelona, Spain
261 Mbps on a 2.4ghz con.
I pay €43 for this + 2 cellphones sharing 8gb of data and unlimited calling/text.

I dread moving back to Canada :confused:

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I began learning how to develop by teaching myself how to build an iPhone app in Objective-C while I was deployed to Afghanistan. The Air Force had a stupid rule where you can not share notes with other Airmen for career tests. I was a JTAC and was required to take a proficiency test once every 6-18 months. People would make a thousand flash cards to study (you had a two week notice) and not be able to share or even use the same exact flash cards you made for your last proficiency test.

The Air Force looks at software differently and would allow people to stop making flash cards. So during one of my deployments to Afghanistan I paid $180 per month for a 256kbs connection (not including peak times, otherwise it was <100kbs) and taught myself how to build this app. It took me 7 months, but I finished it. I really only needed stack overflow and at night I would download a video to watch the next day. Typing it out sounds like it would be very frustrating, but you get used to it and a lot of time was spent thinking in front of an editor.


About 94 Mbps Upload/Download. We mostly have digital fiber coming to house in Switzerland.