Members of the Year: 2019!

Apologies for the delay, but I thought it would be nice to wait until our birthday… can you believe we’re four years old today!? :003:

Selecting Members of the Year this time around has been the toughest to date - because there are so many of you who are worthy!! With 13,000 members now, it’s become no easy feat, but that just goes to show what an awesome lot you are!!

I’ve tried to select members based on helpfulness and positivity, by taking things into consideration such as activity, likes received, number of accepted answers, thoughtfulness of posts and general attitude towards others and the forum. Generally those selected will have supported and helped our community (and the forum) be the best it can be - which is exactly the sort of members we want here! Hopefully you’ll agree with these choices and I really am sorry if you have been active and did not make it this time around… there’s always this year!

I’d also love for more of you to PM me with people who you feel have gone above and beyond in helping you, or, for those of you who are active daily, have an impeccable record and would like to help select 2020’s winners, please let me know!

Ok without further ado…

In alphabetical order:

















































Well done and thank you all!

:heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart:

If you see your name listed above, we have a PragProg or Manning ebook for you as a thank you!! :smiley: Please PM me your:

Email address:
Country of residence:

…and book choice from or Since we have 25 ebooks from each please include a first and second choice, with your second choice being from the publisher that is not in your first choice. We’ll do these on a first come first serve basis :smiley:

(Please note we can only give away titles published by either PragProg or Manning.)





I’m helpful?!


Thank you! Unfortunately I’ve been here very infrequently since my son was born but I hope to be back more regularly soon. Missing the community.


That’d be the first time in my whole life I was noted for positivity; it’s indeed extremely pleasant and challenging!





Thank you all!! Hopefully planning to regularly participate in the forum this year!!

Thanks @AstonJ for your timely help!


Oh wow! This is so nice :slight_smile:

It feels good and motivating to be awarded on the basis of these criteria! Thanks a lot @AstonJ and forum maintainers for providing this space, and for encouraging these values.

Let’s work in 2020 to make this community ever more welcoming and useful to positively motivated Elixir developers (or just curious) of all kinds.


Oh, me, in this list, really? :flushed: I’m so surprised, and very happy to be part of this amazing community. Thank you, Aston and all of you!


Thanks a lot for the mention. I’m happy to contribute to any community that’s this helpful.

Here’s to 2020!


Thank you for the selection. Feels great to be on it.



Oh wow! I’m flattered to be included with so many excellent people. Thank you very much!


Wow! Very unexpected to be in this list :slight_smile:


Excellent choices, thank you all for your efforts that make this community what it is!


Wooo! This forum has grown even more the past year, so many amazing people!! ^.^


What the heck. How have I made it onto the list. You should overthink your criterias for picking people :smiley:


You made over 200 posts and have quite a few marked as accepted answers for starters :smiley:

People can add value to a community in all sorts of ways - being active and responding to people’s threads is actually pretty important, even when you might not have an answer yourself. It helps avoid people feeling ignored or that they don’t matter, instead making them feel welcomed and glad to be part of the community.

I do agree however that we need a different system for selecting MOTMs, it actually takes quite a bit of time going through all the various stats, reflecting and coming up with a list - particularly when there are so many who deserve it (I always feel terrible for not being able to include everyone!) I’ve even asked in our last couple of announcements for members to let us know when somebody has gone above and beyond in helping them… but nobody ever has :lol: (I’m not blaming anyone tho, I know it’s the sort of thing people quickly forget).

If anyone has any advice or thoughts on how we can select future MOTMs, or would like to help I would really appreciate it! Please PM me!


Discourse has a Report plugin made for it that I use one some of the forums I host that has been very useful. It let’s you write (as admin only) some SQL to generate reports (among other functionality), and it comes with quite a variety as it is. It is well worth installing if you’d get use out of it. :slight_smile:

I think it’s this plugin that I use:

It’s Meta thread:


Yes I use that :slight_smile: for instance to get a list of members ordered by number of accepted answers :003:

Here’s everyone with over 15 accepted answers over the last 12 months:

Name qty
NobbZ 145
LostKobrakai 85
benwilson512 74
kokolegorille 61
peerreynders 52
idiot 45
OvermindDL1 41
josevalim 39
hauleth 37
kip 30
dimitarvp 28
al2o3cr 22
outlog 22
jola 20
chrismccord 19
danschultzer 17
axelson 16

All the other info such as by number of likes, posts, threads etc is available on the users page. However the tricky part is ascertaining how much activity is in other peoples threads, how much of it is positive, thoughtful and useful (so not just quick one liner replies) etc

Have you come up with any custom explorer queries for any of this? If so please send them to me :smiley: