Your ideas for Elixir book authors and content creators


I’d love to see a book on Phoenix Deployment.
A book which teaches the following

  1. Deploy to Heroku / Gigalixir
  2. Deploy to a VPS like Linode / DigitalOcean
  3. Deploy to Dedicated Baremetal Servers at Scaleway / Hetzner
  4. Deploy to Cloud Hosting like Google Cloud, Azure and Amazon
  5. Docker (optional, not very important, as Elixir’s strengths beat the purpose of Docker)

A book like that will be a gem for unexperienced web developers like me.


Aren’t 2, 3, and 4 the same? At least I follow the very same steps when deploying for all three (unless I’m using an ARM box on scaleway).


Funny to see this because I am currently writing about how this is not the case :). It comes up so frequently it’ll be useful to have a place to point to.


Thank you!