Kindly recommend Elixir Plugins for NeoVim or Oni ?

I am using VS Code, however wanted to try/move to Oni/NeoVim. If anyone got Elixir up and running on Oni or Neovim, kindly share your experience? I did tried check plugins but not clear of which one actually works best. Kindly share any recommendation if you got.
Thank you

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There are some excellent threads about Vim that you might find useful, check them out here:

A few of note:

You may also find this thread interesting:


Thank you AstonJ

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I’m curious what has you looking beyond vscode. Not trying to start a war, but as someone who is always changing editors & ide’s. I’ve settled on vscode for elixir for many months now.

  • ElixirLS is about as good as it gets (and well maintained, patch for 1.7.0-dev merged yesterday)
  • Vim emulation is decent, and vim.enableNeovim: true, gives you all ex commands without emulation.

Joe, I got a old Toshiba system and also VS code I have it, but often hangs up while browsing, coding and playing video tutorial. I am not in situation to upgrade my system at the moment. So just have to keep working. And I am fine using VSCode. No interest in code editor wars as such. Been that useless discussions and even tried many in younger days. I’m comfortable using Vim, wished Geany had plugins or just my hardware I wish I could work around but.

Checked Oni, felt it does good enough so was wondering if anyone using it with perfect plugins available for that. Can’t find much resources than and wasn’t able to get the configuration right. So was fiddling with that. Thought to share my plight here seeking help.

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I know that nvim supports For elixir there is . But I haven’t tried this setup.

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