Add configs dynamic

Good morning people.
I am having a question about how I could do a function that would do an external access and then I would add this setting in the config.exs file.


config :myapp_web, MyappWeb.Endpoint,
  test: [host: MyappWeb.External.test()]


defmodule MyappWeb.External do

  def test do
    response = "localhost"


Not found MyappWeb.External.test.


You can’t, configs are read before compiling the modules.

So you’ll need to inline that module/function into your config file.

Things might change when 1.9 is released though. Configuration works differently then, but I haven’t yet looked into the details…

It will probably still not change much as some of the release configuration must be done before startup.

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I’m not only speaking about releases, as far as I understand the “old” way to do configuration has been deprecated:

This module is deprecated. Use Config and Config.Reader instead.

While there is now Config available.

But yeah, from a quick glance, usage of those modules pretty much the same, and also its documentation says, that mix will evaluate the config on each run, meaning before actual compiling/loading/running the application takes place

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