Is there an :observer.start in headless?

I like supervisors and :observer.start() is one of my favorite tools to follow my supervisor tree.

I miss it a lot when I’m not on my dev box (aka: Heroku), so… do you know an equivalent for headless server?

Thank you.

You do not described what you want to achieve, so I will list helpful Erlang projects:

Erlang observer web frontend

Here you have a Web version of observer - it looks like this is not finished yet.

#1 System

|> Load Charts

|> Memory Allocations

|> Processes

#2 Visualize Erlang Nodes On The Command Line

Here you have a CLI version of observer.

|> Process And System Information

|> ETS And System Information

|> Allocator Information

|> Mnesia Information

|> Help Information

#3 Using Erlang observer/appmon remotely

And finally you can use observer remotely in case your server does not have X session started.

Hope that looking on this projects code or tutorial instructions will help you.


Hi Thomas,

They are great tools aren’t they! You can connect a local observer to a
remote node. However it is usually not a good idea to have distributed
erlang open on the internet so you should tunnel it over ssh.

You should be able to do some ssh reverse tunnels to get access to the
remote node from your development node

I found this:

which I tried using erlang and it seems to work fine.

I also found this (which I haven’t tried) that packages this up as a mix task into a hex package

Wahou! Thanks a lot, cmkarlsson and Eiji! Your links are far beyond my expectations! I will analyze all of them.
A big thank you!

also wobserver, observer web ui