Image processing libraries?

Hello everyone, so I tried looking for options for image processing libraries in elixir but so far haven’t found any good options, the closest I’ve seen is using the C API for OpenCV which is deprecated so that’s not an option, are there any libraries for elixir for more advanced image processing like filtering (Intensity, Spacial, Frequency, Transform, Morphological, in a nutshell more biometrics oriented image processing) available?

Thanks in advance for the answers! :smile:

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From what I seen and read, mongrify ( seems to be highly regarded for manipulating images, however it’s just a wrapper for ImageMagick.


Well to be fair, that’s nothing bad. You don’t depend on any dynamically linked libraries / NIFs / Ports, just on a few tools being installed in your $PATH.

We should definitely depend on mature hardcore tools, I am all for it. And such wrappers make the experience even better!


It might be a good option eventually but right now it only supports (for filtering) Gaussian Blur :slightly_frowning_face: