Is the backend for this website ( written in Elixir?

Hi Elixirians,

I am new to Elixir. This question may sound silly, but I want to know whether the backend for this website ( is written in Elixir?

I am impressed with the amazing load speed of pages in this website, any link in this website loads almost instantaneously !



It’s using a Ruby-based, managed platform called Discourse that can be self-hosted as well.


As @shanesveller already said, this is a discourse instance.

Though it is not a managed one, but a self-hosted, with a lot of modifications that weren’t available in a managed instance.

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Thank you guys for the swift answers !

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Sure would be cool if it was!

No point in reinventing the wheel though. Discourse is pretty dang awesome from a UX perspective.

Yeah discourse is awesome. I still wish firestorm would have taken off more. Not just to have for this forum but also so that there’d be a good forum to add to existing elixir applications.


There was an unfulfilled, crowdsourced attempt to write something comparable with Phoenix that was called Firestorm, but has not seen meaningful activity in a couple years and the backing business is defunct. The repo’s still kicking around if you’re curious.

It’s easy to get bummed out when I imagine how such a project could possibly evolve nowaways with LiveView in the picture.

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