Elixir Foundation Video Series from Codemy.net

At Codemy.net we are always trying to find solutions for problems in a way that works well. As a result we’ve been able to create a beautiful solution for Server Side Rendering javascript. We did all this using the elixir programming language. In this episode we will introduce you to the project that we will be building as a part of the elixir foundation video series.



Hi Zack, could you give us more info please? Is this a course or a series of screencasts? Is it paid/free, etc.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey! It’s a series of screencasts that will be released over the coming months, a few episodes will be free, but as we progress into the project, some episodes will be available behind a pay wall for $9 / month


Ah right cool! I’ve updated the title and moved it to the screencasts section :slight_smile:

Good luck and thanks for doing the series :023:

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