Elixir source code in VS Code?

Hello all, I am Elixir newbie, currently trying to set up VSCode. I am stuck trying to access Elixir source modules, e.g. Enum and it’s functions. Is there a way to access source code once you click on some Elixir module u are using in VS code : somethong like Go to source?

I’m not sure if any editor provides this, as usually you do not even have the source code of elixir itself on your computer.

Though when reading the documentation on hexdocs.pm, which also includes elixir and other applications of the default distribution, you can click on </> and it will bring you directly to the source of that function/macro/module on GitHub.

I switched to VSCode because of this plugin…

I second ElixirLS.

If you install Elixir through kiex, you’ll get to go to source code of Elixir modules. It also provides a nice rendered documentation view on hover.

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