Nova Panic editor (and extensions)

Hey everybody. I was wondering if anybody here has used Panic’s Nova editor.

It came out recently and I saw there was no Elixir Formatter extension, so I built one. This extension depends on another general Elixir language support extension.

Hopefully this helps out any Elixir devs who want to try out the new editor. Happy coding!


Yup, it’s really cool. Unfortunately the Elixir extension that adds syntax highlighting doesn’t do a very good job so I won’t be using it until either someone makes a better one, improves the existing one, or I stumble into enough free time to do it myself. :sweat_smile:

Yeah I recently tried this one out. Looks quite promising but as it’s quite new it still lacks support for most of my daily use languages. Would totally give it a try and even consider switching from VSCode if Elixir support would be better (language server integration) and if the TypeScript extension would not crash the editor :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if he’s published it yet, but Carl Brand on the Elixir Slack has started on an ElixirLS extension for Nova, and has made some headway.


Hey, it has been published but Nova seems to be handling the language server implementation differently. The code is on GitHub if anyone wants to contribute - it’s my first extension so might be going in the wrong direction. Nova just implemented the Snippets protocol for language servers but still isn’t working correctly so investigating that right now.


Great! Can you post a link to the code on GitHub?

Sure you can find the repo at:
@pinksynth suggested we combine the formatter in one extension but not rely on the language server and invoke mix format so I’m just about to push changes for that :slight_smile: