Statix sending to statsd_logger but not Datadog agent?

Configuring statix like so:

config :statix,
  prefix: "asdf",
  port: 8125

I’ve confirmed my statix calls are being received by statsd_logger(they appear in console). However whenever I send to the datadog agent(either on mac dev machine or running the agent from production), I do not see the tags appear in the Datadog Metrics summary(no user-generated tags have ever appeared so far), while there are definitely system-related tags appearing in the metric summary.

I’ve properly initialized statix in application.ex:

:ok = MyApp.Statix.connect()

and here is an example call:

              Timing.unix_ms_now() - unix_ms

Any ideas? – Michael

EDIT: while the datadog agent was running locally on my dev mac I did:

echo "asdffoo:2|c" | nc -u -w0 8125

but still did not see the tag appear in the Datadog metric summary. So I think it has something to do with Datadog.

The issue was that I am on the 14-day trial and that plan doesn’t support Custom Metrics. Ouch.

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