Using Live Uploader with React


Does anyone know if it is possible to use Phoenix Live Uploads to upload files to a Phoenix server with React?

The project I’m working on currently uses a mix of Phoenix templates and React for front end code. When we started the project we were looking for an option similar to LiveView but LiveView didn’t exist at the time. As a result, we are now somewhat heavily invested in React.

Our current file upload code is template based but needs to be converted to React. I see the gist of how the Live Upload code works, how files are loaded in the browser with a FileReader and chunked over channels, etc, and am hoping to avoid reimplementing the code in a way that works with React. The main functionality I’m hoping to utilize is transferring file contents to the server over channels and associated server side book keeping. I looked at the docs and searched online but haven’t found anything that quite matches my question.

Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you.