Coding Tests in Elixir

It seems like most employers want a reasonably high degree of competence before they’re willing to look at a candidate. Perhaps it’s because many people end up in Elixir after they’ve tried many other languages and ecosystems and found they were lacking.

Many new programmers would like to get in and in order for the ecosystem to be functioning there needs to be a way to get new people ready for the job market.

I put together a list of coding tests I’ve been given with the corresponding companies scrubbed, along with the repo with my solution so you can compare yours.

Please add your own repo if you have one to contribute along with some sort of synopsis here or in the project readme so that others can benefit from your experience. Ideally there’s enough info that the can tackle it before looking at your solution so they can train on dummy tests.


I’ve no personal experience here (I’m just poking my nose into Elixir), but I came across this from the folks: GitHub - superfly/elixir-hiring-project: This is a sample project we use to assess Elixir/Phoenix/LiveView skills, and also simulate an idea of the type of work a dev advocate could end up doing at


This is a very good collection, thank you and @crispinb!

I know that every now and then on a weekend I’d likely solve some of them and add them to a GitHub portfolio.