Elixir in production - how to prepare, supervise, autostart

Currently, I am in a stage where I think about where to host and how to prepared Elixir for production.

The current plan for my project:

  1. Host on Google Cloud
  2. Use compute engine as a virtual machine for elixir and PostgreSQL. In front of everything, I would set Nginx which works as a proxy for an elixir.

The Unkown thing, for now, is how to supervisor it and if it fails, how to make auto start for server!?

I would like to hear your experience guys and maybe you could share where do you host your Elixir production apps and how you deploy them. Anyways, thank you all who will share your experience and thank you!

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I strongly suggest watching this talk :slight_smile:

I hope it answers your question :smiley:


Thank you for sharing this talk. Just watched it and it was great. :+1:

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