How to remove primary key column in ecto elixir

When I use remove key in migration it was not delete the constraint in the table it only delete column name. Please help how can i create for that migration file.

defmodule ControlCenter.Repo.Migrations.CreateRemedyTable do
use Ecto.Migration

def up do
  create table(:remedy, primary_key: false) do
     add :remedy_code, :string, primary_key: true
     add :description, :string
     add :cause_code, :string, primary_key: true


 def down do
    drop table(:remedy)

I want to remove cause_code from the table

see primary_key: false option in

I also added it’s not okay

Could you describe your problem in more detail, what was exactly that you did, what did you expect to happen, and what actually happened? It’s not clear to me whether you want to create a table without a primary key or you already have a table with primary key and then you want to have another migration that deletes it.