Keep track of todos in your codebase with ExTodo

I make pretty heavy use of codetags (TODO, FIXME, BUG, etc) while I am coding to make sure that I don’t forget about things as I am coding. One thing that I have wanted for a while is to fail my git pre-commit hook if any commit blocking codetags are found (FIXME, BUG, etc).

I create ExTodo to solve that exact problem. ExTodo will find all your configured codetags and fail when it stumbles across certains ones that you want. It will also output all the configured codetags that it finds in your codebase after it runs. It is file format agnostic so it will scan all files, and you can also provide a list of regex patterns for files/directories to skip.

Links to the project can be found here:

And a sample output for a project:


Very nice looking light replacement for credo for these purposes, nice!