2020/02/28 - BOB - Berlin, Germany

Call for Participation: BOB 2020 (February 28, Berlin)

BOB 2020


“What happens if we simply use what’s best?”

February 28, 2020, Berlin


Program: http://bobkonf.de/2020/en/program.html

Registration: http://bobkonf.de/2020/en/registration.html

BOB is the conference for developers, architects and decision-makers
to explore technologies beyond the mainstream in software development,
and to find the best tools available to software developers today. Our
goal is for all participants of BOB to return home with new insights
that enable them to improve their own software development

The program features 14 talks and 8 tutorials on current topics:


The subject range of talks includes functional programming,
formal methods, architecture documentation, functional-reactive
programming, and language design.

The tutorials feature introductions to Idris, Haskell, F#, TLA+,
ReasonML, and probabilistic programming.

Heather Miller will give the keynote talk.

Registration is open online:


NOTE: The early-bird rates expire on January 20, 2020!

BOB cooperates with the :clojureD conference on the day after BOB:



Nice. There are quite a lot of outlined topics caught my eye. I’m wondering if the topics are in Germany or English? I’m interested because I’m considering visiting German in the next months maybe.

But I absolutely know nothing in Germany right now. Does the conf require audience to have background of Germany language?

It’s mixed and each talk page says what language the talk is in - we’ve
arranged it so you can definitely have a full day of talks in English.

Note the early-bird deadline only runs for another week!