Developing skills in Elixir

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Hi Everyone!

I want to draw roadmap to develop my skills in Elixir.

Please help me. Would you suggest this elxir sips? And can you suggest book, screencast or other resource.

Thanks in advance!


IEx &

I’ve gone through 50% of programming elixir and am about half way through Dave’s course. It’s super helpful and I feel as though I’m absorbing it much better than just going through the book. I still go through the book and docs to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Other resources I constantly refresh:


Elixir Sips is now pretty much DailyDrip :slight_smile:

We also have a monthly giveaway and introductory offer :003:

Have a look at our books and video courses section too :023:



(Check out the reviews/comments)