EC2 docker networking

I just saw this article and am curious if it has any ramifications regarding OTP nodes talking with each other when running as a container.

I haven’t had to really learn docker netwoking, and I haven’t done enough with multi instance elixir/erlang environments to know without a lot of additional research.


Just need to expose the correct ports, I actually had my docker instances share the erlang node distribution of the host but I also trusted the code I ran as I wrote it. :slight_smile:

But yeah, if they support bridging, which it looks like they do, you could network mesh across that safely.

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I just saw this thread, and I thought I could get useful info, as I am running my dockerized phoenix app behind Amazon Elastic Beanstalk load balancer inspired by this useful article ,

But I don’t know how to let OTP nodes talking with each other, as each OTP node on an individual EC2 instance, how would let OTP nodes get aware of each other? what are the options that I have? I know I can use Redis as a connector, but I prefer the OTP way, as Elixir is already built on top of Erlang, and this should be easy to do, but its my first app to deploy…

Any idea? or gist to share?

Also, isn’t host networking mode better in term of performance than bridge mode?

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At this point I have more questions than answers, but this seems like a good place to reference what I’ve found thus far. If all the nodes are known ahead of time, it seems like is a pretty good reference.

If the nodes are coming in and out, like what is occurring in my scenario, this project seems promising:

As my elixir app is a side project, I haven’t had the time to actually try either. Hopefully someone that has can offer some insight.

Regarding networking modes…I just don’t know enough about them to offer anything there.


Thank you for answer and links