Elixir flashcards - New packs available

We’d like to announce addition of new packs: GenServer, Kernel 2 and Kernel 3. We’ve also updated all other packs to Elixir 1.6

It’s been 2 years of our research of effectiveness of Elixir flashcards.

So far we found them great for finding knowledge gaps and false beliefs. We’ve been using them during our Elixir Southampton meetup to play games and they tend to spark a lot of interesting discussions.

You can buy them here https://elixircards.co.uk/
Or you can print first pack yourself from here https://github.com/cleverbunny/elixir-flashcards
And here you can find games we’ve been playing at our meetup https://elixircards.co.uk/games

We’ve also uploaded Elixir Fundamentals 1 to tinycards https://elixircards.co.uk/games

We’d love feedback!


Some of you already know, each Monday we try to post a little challenge on twitter to test your elixir knowledge and help you find gaps, or misconceptions in your knowledge.

Our latest tweet is here https://twitter.com/elixircards/status/1016300439506247682

Feel free to play along if you’re interested!

Have a nice day :sunglasses:


Hello again!

This week we have a card from our new GenServer deck focusing on handle_call/3.

As always, feel free to play along! Careful though, its not as straight forward as it might look at first. :sunglasses: