ExAWS Code Generator

Hi all,

I wrote a small Python based code generator to create the type-specced Elixir module for the IoT service. I am looking for folks to help test and improve the generator.

The generator is here and the generated module is here. I couldn’t get the formatting right in the gist but you should be able to reformat it in your code editor.


  • I have updated the generator to use Jinja - much cleaner and easier to reason with.
  • Each function now returns a query
  • I am running mix format at the end of generation.

The code still compiles and the queries seem to work. I have updated the gist too.

Thanks to a suggestion from @Bernard, might move this to EEx. It would be great if someone could try this on other AWS services.

Have you tried aws-elixir? It is also generated, but for all different AWS services.


Wow, that’s pretty much what I was aiming for. Thanks a ton!

I will take a look and see if it’s worth migrating from ex_aws. If not, I will maintain this generator for the services we use.