Fixing Elixir 1.4 missing parens warnings on your code


Just wrote a tiny tool (in Ruby, haha) to fix the warnings produced by Elixir 1.4 about missing parens on function calls.

It wont actually change anything unless you provide a --perform flag, and backups (.bak) will be created for touched files.

# download the utility to your project root
ruby ex14parens.rb --help

Hope it can be of use for people moving to 1.4.

Just used it to fix some warnings for absinthe #244

I will give it a try because are plenty of warnings regarding missing parentheses after elixir upgrade (1.4.0-rc.1). All packages generated with mix before elixir 1.4 are using deps inside mix.exs. For example:

warning: variable "deps" does not exist and is being expanded to "deps()", please use parentheses to remove the ambiguity or change the variable name /home/ubuntu/devel/tests/deps/bunt/mix.exs:11