German programming/technology content (Elixir, Linux or otherwise)

Hi people! What’s up?

I’ve been learning a new programming language called German… just kidding… I am learning the German language and would like to be more acquainted with content for Elixir, Linux or technology in general in this beautiful language…

It is already a hard task to learn a new language (to me at least) and I think that matching my daily interests with this learning would make it easier to build a daily routine.

So, if you have any tips about Elixir content in German, please do tell! If not Elixir directly but Linux or cryptography would be awesome!

Sorry if this too off-topic!

Thanks you all for any help!


Good luck Victor, and don’t forget to join our Germany chat channel as well! :smiley:

The link is not working @AstonJ (does not exist, or is private).

I don’t know of any specific blogs in German about elixir (I probably should start one :smiley:) but there are several tech, privacy, linux and hacking focused blogs and tech “magazines”:

Those publish articles of WILDLY different quality, but at least they should publish something of interest to you once in a while :wink:

Have fun learning.


Fixed :smiley:

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Thanks people! That will be lots of help :slight_smile: