Junior dev looking for remote work


Name: Jonathan
Email: jonathanmosesman@gmail.com
Role: Junior Elixir Phoenix developer
Skills: Elixir, Phoenix, Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap/Foundation, Git, Github, SQL, Heroku
Experience: https://mealthy.com as Full Stack Dev

I am looking for any junior elixir developer position. My main career over the past several years has been as a photographer, and those technologies spurred my interest in learning development. I worked hard to utilize any and all resources online to first learn the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, then proceeded to Ruby and followed Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails tutorial book to create the makeshift twitter app.

I started looking for jobs and got a position working with my brother for Mealthy (https://mealthy.com) and spent time with him learning Elixir and Phoenix and after a few months was at a point where I could help him maintain and develop the site.

So here comes to now, I’m still doing some work for Mealthy but looking for another remote junior position because Mealthy is laying off all contractors for budget cuts. If anyone has any ops they know about I would greatly appreciate it! I’m a hard worker and very detail oriented and pick things up very quickly.