Which libraries to learn from?


Still a beginner, I would like to play around with some libraries to get a feeling on how to integrate external libraries in my own elixir code.

What are your recommendations? Let’s start small with easy to integrate, not so complex libraries.

Edit: I know phoenix, ecto, sweetxml,… and one that grabs internet ressources (name I cannot remember now. poison I think?)

Thanks :slight_smile:


Well a common task for something simplish is a web scraper, there’s multiple dedicated thread on these forums about it too. ^.^

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I suppose it is httpoison.

You can also check out a list such as this and ask about a few that look interesting to you. Most libraries in Elixir have fairly simple integration so I’d choose something that may be useful to you soon. CSV handling library or something like that maybe?

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Ok, I know awesome-elixir … I will then pickup one by random.