2023/06/14 - Elixir Meetup - Poznań,Poland & Online

2023/06/14 - Elixir Meetup - Poznań,Poland & Online

In Curiosum we do have Elixir Meetups quite consistently for nearly 2 years now. We meet up online every month and invite specialists that are willing to share their knowledge of Elixir and its possibilities. If you are interested, then definitely check out the next one - 14.06.23 Elixir meetup at 2023-06-14 | Curiosum

June should bring much joy to Elixir developers… :fire:
In such strange times, security should always be our priority.
We also have to remember that open-source projects are the best way to grow our community.

All of those topics will be covered in our monthly Elixir Meetup :point_down:

Our guests this time will be:
Michael Lubas with the topic - How to Learn Elixir Security
Zvonimir Rudinski who will present Tenantee - An open-source management for landlords

More details in the event info :smiley:

It is 100% free, and if you feel you have something to share, then feel free to join us as a speaker.