A free introduction to Elixir, OTP, Ecto, and Phoenix (DailyDrip)

We produced five weeks of free content introducing people to Elixir and the basics of OTP, Ecto, and Phoenix. Today we’re announcing that content to the world.

I’d love any feedback you have. Also, if you aren’t familiar with the Firestorm Forum, that’s discussed as well!


I wish I had known about this project when it started at kickstarter :pensive:. It was very kind of you to chase this through that headache, and beyond, for the sake of making it available to the development community. I can only imagine there were plenty of head-banging moments along the way and I appreciate your perseverance. I look forward to seeing the results of your hard work.


Thanks! Right now I’m in the process of rewriting what’s there so far in episodes focused on using Phoenix 1.3 and simplifying a few things, to make it a better tutorial. The existing codebase (in master) has some stuff where I was playing a bit, but the episodes codebase (in the firestorm_web branch) will replace it once it catches up :slight_smile:

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