Code_interface for api

In classical phoenix app if i would have Accounts context and Users schema, i would call Accounts.create_user, but in Ash context, Having Accounts api and User resource, when defining code_interface on resource, i have to call User.create. I would much rather have Accounts.create_user.

It would be great to be able to do something like:

defmodule MyApp.MyApi do
  use Ash.Api

  resources do
    resource MyApp.MyApi.MyResource
    resource MyApp.MyApi.MyAnotherResource

  code_interface do
    define :create_resource, resource: MyApp.MyApi.MyResource, action: :create
    define :create_another_resource, resource: MyApp.MyApi.MyAnotherResource, action: :create

so i wiuld be able to call MyApp.MyApi.create_resource and so on.

You can actually accomplish this today like so:

# in the resource, use different names

define :create_resource, ...

don’t add define_for YourApi

and then in your api module, call

# you will need this at the top
require Ash.CodeInterface

Ash.CodeInterface.define_interface(__MODULE__, Resource1)
Ash.CodeInterface.define_interface(__MODULE__, Resource2)
Ash.CodeInterface.define_interface(__MODULE__, Resource3)

This will put the functions in the api module. Some users reported compile time/dependency issues doing this in the past, but it’s actually possible that we’ve resolved this with some internal things we’ve done to reduce compilation dependencies. If you have similar issues, you can put the interface in a different module, .e MyApp.Accounts.Interface, and that should resolve those issues.

EDIT: With that said, the idea of having a DSL specifically for it in the api sounds interesting, and is something I’d be willing to explore, providing we can solve for the compilation dependency issues (if they still exist).

Worked like a charm. Just wanted to let you know, there were no conflicts, no errors. 10mins i refactored all my resources to this.

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