Has anyone tried to replace make with zig builder for zig/c/c++ files?

I think I am not the only one who hates make, the DSL is horrendous and a lot of times bad things happen, for unknown reasons.

I just watched a recent conference on zig build system and I think that this might be the solution to finally having fully fledged cross-compiled applications with NIFs for elixir, because until now the solution was to either use pre-compiled versions (witch work great, but are not the most flexible) or go through the hurdle of making a custom make like this one.

I was wondering if something that integrates zig build system already exists in the ecosystem? I am talking about a CLI-like tool similar to how tailwind is currently packaged, where you would be able to configure it and build zig/c/c++ files without any additional pain.

Burito afaik uses zig build system for some stuff.

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