How does phx-update="ignore" work?

I’ve set phx-update="ignore" on a div and live view still updates its class. Does “ignore” apply only to the children of that element? Seems so (as of 0.12.1).

Is it possible to nest/cancel phx-update statements like

<div id="ignored" phx-update="ignore">
  <div id="updated" phx-update="replace"></div>

Would #updated be updated then on socket assigns changes? No (as of 0.12.1).

phx-update="ignore" merges all attributes but does not patch the children. You cannot nest phx-update=... inside an ignored container because we ignore it so it will never be touched.


Is there anything that does not merge any attributes but patches the children?

See also this question here for why I need this.

For anyone else: The documentation of this ignore behavior can be found here: