How to create an account from result of OAuth result?

I really need some advice from you guys.
I am implementing OAuth login using instagram, facebook and google.
But I am stuck on creating a user account using result of Oauth to my app.
What should I put in a password field??
Any recommendation?
I was thinking of using access token from each provider as password but this method brings some problem.

  1. access token will be expired
  2. access token might be revoked by user

In both case user can’t access his account, because user already requested and got a new access token.

Is there any better way? how do you guys implement this?
Thanks in advance. :wink:

Do you use something like überauth?

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No, Client side is react native and backend is graphql phoenix using absinthe. :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to use a big framework to do the the job for you and depend on it then the only way is to build your one.

Another library that may help you but you will have to adapt it to your needs is