Idea's for elixir/Phoenix open source projects?

Hey Guys,

Im pretty keen on creating an open source project to really show off the power of elixir/phoenix but not 100% sure on what I should be building.

Some Idea’s:

  • Web Scraper web interface:
    So a locally installed server which allows anyone really to scrape data from a website. They can then set up endpoints where they want this data to be sent to/create an api. Possible concerns with this one are the legalities + there is already something similar called Portia

  • Blogging Platform for Developers
    Bit more of a Generic one but a static site generator like Jeklly with a more developer focused approach. E.g. syntax highlighting out of the box, slick admin user interface, integrations with things like slack/github etc.

  • Background Process
    Some sort of background process that does X. Not really sure exactly what but If anyone has any ideas that would be great.

Would love to hear some more ideas if anyone has any!


Have a look at this thread @Harrisonl

I like this idea… but not a static site generator, Phoenix is fast enough for it to be hosted imo. So I’d be more interested in something more dynamic than Jekyll, with commenting and the ability to extend it perhaps (a bit like Wordpress). Who knows a Wordpress killer might be written in Phoenix :003:


Oh cheers for the link, I’ll have a look through them!

In regards to the blog - I was wondering if you knew what the speed difference would be with having SSR via Phoenix vs Nginx service gzipped html?


Yes please! Less Jekyll but more like hosted Medium/Wordpress for developers :smile:


Looks like this is the popular opinion on what I should build:
@bobbypriambodo @AstonJ

So just to clarify:

  • User Admin Interface
  • NOT a static site generator
  • Automatic Syntax highlighting
  • Basic Integrations (slack, github ???)
  • 4 Minute Deploy :wink:
  • Extensibility

What about comments?

Should it automatically ship with something like disqus already integrated?

Or should I roll my own comment system. It would be cool if discourse had their own comment system :frowning:


I don’t tbh, I haven’t deployed an Elixir app myself yet.

Are the integrations for commenting? If so Twitter / fb / google are three must haves (while the blog might be used by devs the general population may want to comment) and GH too of course.

I’d suggest roll your own comments plus support for disqus with the ability to change between them at any time (like u can with WP).

And don’t forget some sort of import tool - I’d love to just import my wordpress posts (with their disqus comments) easily. I really don’t want to lose my comments.


Integrations were going to be different in that sense. I was thinking more of like (Comment received -> Post comment to slack), (Github -> If a post was about a project have a widget displaying information regarding the project). They were just some off the bat ideas.

When you say are the integrations for commenting were you referring to like create my own commenting system and allow people to comment using their Social + GH accounts?

In regards to importing - I agree. Definitely going to need to import from the bigger platforms if there is any hope of adoption.

I created a repo + trello skeleton if you want to check it out (trello at the bottom of the readme)


What do you think about voting system I suggested?
I think that advanced filtering with it could be really interesting.
I currently don’t have a time for it (I’m working on 3 projects and think about 1_000 more :077:), so I can’t help now, but it could be helpful for me and other beginners.

For note, Discourse has built in support for acting like a commenting system in a blog (even a static site blog!). ^.^

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Oh great! I was googling on how to add comments feature to a Phoenix website and found this topic. This is perfect for me since I will be deploying a Discourse forum anyway.

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