Nesting templates from route

I’m currently working on a project where i want to add multiple navigation menus depending on the route. The main navigation is easy because we can add it to app.html.eex. But the second is a bit tricky. We have a grid where left is de navigation and right is the rest of the content that needs te be rendered. Most tutorials show that you can render templates in a template, but i think that using the way that the app.html.eex is used a great use is for my purpose.

I have tried using plug :put_layout. But this results in de app.html.eex not being loaded.
plug :put_layout :settings

scope "/" Web do # -> Add main navbar
  resource "/project" do
    scope "/settings" do # -> Add settings menu


Anyone a solution?

There are a few different ways to approach this depending on how your site is structured etc., and how fine gained you need it to be.

You could create a directory under templates named left_nav or sidebar etc., and create the matching view. Then place multiple templates in the templates/<your_name> directory for all of the different routes you have. Name each template the same as the route, e.g. settings.html.eex, and then render them into the parent template like this:

<%= render Myweb.SidebarView, "#{@route_name}.html", conn: @conn, ... %>

Where route_name is assigned to conn in the controller, or put into conn.private by a plug etc etc…

That’s just one quick idea, but like I said, it really depends more on your specific use case as to what would be the best solution.

Did You try this?

Yes i tried. I got it working, but i still need to do a render inside the other templates. I’m still wondering if you can chain templates instead of specifying them inside each other.